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These handpans were sent from Bali to the US and will be shipped from New York.

$1200 USD

Please email me if you would like to place an order:

We offer worldwide shipping. Please include country with inquiry.

Wait time is about 6-8 weeks after choosing scale.

Payments are made through Venmo, PayPal or bank transfer.

These handpans are made in Bali and distributed from the US.

We do offer direct shipping from Bali to certain locations in Asia and Australia.

Occasionally we have instruments for immediate sale below.

Many makers are now using the name "Bali Steel Pan" to sell their instruments. Please be careful of forgeries.

Compare Old vs New Styles

My personal Etsy account is under the name AndersenInstruments.

We do not sell our instruments on

Also for sale at and

In Stock now:

D Minor pentatonic (stainless steel)

D Ursa minor

D Celic minor (stainless steel)

C# Rag desh (stainless steel)

E Paradiso

D Matahari

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Please email me if you would like to reserve one from the next batch.

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